Are Taylor Swift and What's-His-Name Going to Get Married?

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Are Taylor Swift and What's-His-Name Going to Get Married?

Taylor Swift and that guy she’s dating (Joe Alwyn, they call him) are apparently doing super well, chugging along on the path to matrimony. According to Us:

“[They] have talked about their future and marriage,” a source told Us. “They don’t have a set deadline in place, but they’re very much in love.”

The two have been dating since March 2017, and because they keep their relationship tightly locked down, we must conjecture that they’re preparing to get married because realistically we don’t know anything else about them!:

“Taylor considers Joe one of the only safe constants in her life,” the insider tells Us. “He has always been a huge support and stuck by her.”

Is doing well the same as preparing to get married? Why not! It’s what normal couples do, I guess, and these two are nothing if not incredibly normal. [Us Weekly]

This discussion between Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin was nice and awkward, much like I imagine the six weeks of parting with a handshake must have been!

“Do you guys know that he shook my hand for six weeks and didn’t kiss me when we met?” Hilaria asked. Alec clarified that he did that to make it clear to his now-wife he wasn’t just trying to sleep with her, which I have to grudgingly admit is extremely gentlemanly. [Page Six]

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