Ariana Feels the Bern

Ariana Feels the Bern
Screenshot: (Ariana Grande’s Twitter account)

Ariana Grande, a petite woman with an over-sized ponytail, officially feels the Bern. In a tweet she posted on Wednesday, she called Sanders “MY GUY” and thanked him for coming to one of her shows, which is a sentence that I could have never imagined writing. What else will 2019 bring us?

Grande included two photos with her tweet, including a black and white photo of the two of them hugging, in which Ariana looks ecstatic. Bernie looks pretty fucking happy, too! “i will never smile this hard again promise,” she wrote.

Close followers of Ariana and Bernie could have predicted this political romance. On October 25, Grande tweeted out, “baby how u feelin.” Bernie, clearly already a fan, responded, “Ready to fight for Medicare for All.” This led Ariana to tweet, “screaming.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, not to be outdone, then created a suggested playlist she called “progressive policies as an Ariana dance party,” to which Grande replied, “screaming screaming.” She’s a screamer, folks!

Can you picture Bernie shouting in his hoarse whisper, “Thank you, next?” at Donald Trump? I guess we all can, now!

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