At Least These Goats Get to Run Free in the Streets

At Least These Goats Get to Run Free in the Streets
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With humans banished from the streets and held captive in their homes by a virus, animals and wildlife can once again maintain rightful control. This is definitely happening, as the pigeons who live on my fire escape have become far more aggressive over the last month. This morning, one looked me in the eye. And in Wales, the wild goats have taken over.

The Guardian reports that a group of goats recently moved down from their usual home in the mountains into the town of Llandudno in North Wales, which locked down with the rest of the United Kingdom last week. The streets are otherwise mostly deserted, so the goats had free rein, and apparently they made the most of it. They also flouted social distancing rules:

They ate a few hedges in the Trinity Square area of town. They trespassed in several front gardens and ran across a road without looking properly. A man named Andrew Stuart spotted them from the window of the pub he lives in. They weren’t keeping the required two metres apart, he observed.

Stay apart, goats! For safety!


Mr. Stuart did, apparently, call the police, who managed to herd the goats into a squad car and drive them back to the mountains. I can only presume they will find their back to town, but either way, I am extremely envious of the goats, as they are not trapped inside my apartment marathoning Scrubs and constantly Googling “Coronavirus NYC slowing” in some futile effort to find good news. Instead, the goats are dining out, hanging with friends, and probably thinking very little about death.

Bless them.


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