Audrina Patridge's Drunk Mom Is The Real Star Of Audrina


How ridiculous is it that Audrina got her own reality show? While she can be credited with introducing the world to JustinBobby on The Hills (but if we want to be realistic about it, he could very well have been cast, considering how contrived that entire show was), Audrina is as boring as her eyes are expressionless.

Audrina doesn’t even have a defined career goal like Whitney Port did on The City, in which the fashion industry itself could play a role on the show, taking some of the pressure off cast members who were lacking personalities. Instead, Audrina is aiming for some kind of vague notion of “fame” — maybe along the lines of Kim Kardashian? — that entails sexy photo shoots and, evidently, a reality show that showcases the entire Patridge family.

Audrina’s mom Lynn gained her own bit of fame last fall when a paparazzo filmed her angry, drunken rant about Audrina’s Dancing with the Stars performance while sitting on a public sidewalk. The incident, which was apparently really embarrassing for the entire family, was addressed in the premiere of Audrina last night, with Lynn promising to never let something like that happen again. However, she seemed to be drunk while making that promise. Naturally, there were cameras present to catch the spectacle.

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