It’s Independence Day…for Kesha!

This, in my opinion, is the only reason for a party in the U.S.A. today.

It’s Independence Day…for Kesha!

If you’re looking for a reason to celebrate today, look no further: On July 4, Kesha released her first single as an independent artist since settling her decade-long defamation suit with Dr. Luke in June 2023 and parting ways with Kemosabe Records and RCA. This, in my opinion, is the only reason for a party in the U.S.A. today.

Kesha released “Joyride,” which is very reminiscent of songs like “Woman,” “Blow,” and “We R Who We R,” at midnight, after debuting it at Brooklyn’s Planet Pride over the weekend. It’s dirty, it’s campy, it’s funny, it’s way too short, and it makes me want to wear my ripped denim shorts from 2010, stay out until 5 a.m., and fall asleep in a bathtub, hugging a bottle of Jack Daniels, like I used to do in my early 20s when I basically thought I was Kesha. (Subscribe to Jezebel and maybe I’ll include the photos in next week’s subscriber-only newsletter!)


Between Megan Thee Stallion’s and Charli XCX’s albums, and Chappell Roan’s and Sabrina Carpenter’s singles, we’ve already been spoiled for music this summer…but I believe Kesha’s single is precisely what summer 2024 was missing.

In January, Kesha posted photos of herself holding a cardboard poster that read, “New music coming soon”—a throwback to promotion for her first single, “TikTok,” where she held a cardboard poster that read, “Will $ing 4 Beer.” And in March, she tweeted, “First day I’ve owned my voice in 19 years. Welcome,” and has been teasing new music ever since. She also debuted two new songs, “Freedom,” and “Mother,” at OutLoud Fest during WeHo Pride on May 31, so I feel safe saying we can probably expect a new album announcement soon.


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Kesha co-wrote “Joyride,” which was released on her own label, Kesha Records, with Madison Love and Zhone, who also produced it, “i couldn’t have made it through without all of you,” Kesha wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. “now we joyride.” OK! I’ll meet you in the back with the jack at the jukebox.

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