Baby Goat Safely Returned After Twitter Freaks Out Over Petting Zoo Kidnapping


Here’s a story of loss and redemption for your Monday: a baby goat named GusGus was kidnapped from the Arizona State Fair last Wednesday night, prompting a Twitter campaign to help reunite the tiny pygmy goat with his mother.

CBS reports that the goat, who can’t survive without his mother’s milk, was taken by an unidentified visitor at the fair’s petting zoo. Gus’s mother, Custard, was reportedly devastated by his loss, and Twitter was moved enough to create the hashtag #FindGusGus as a cry for the baby’s safe return. He was found wandering near a canal on Thursday.

Here’s a heartbreaking video of Custard calling for GusGus:

From CBS:

Fair livestock director Karen Searle said a man walking his dog along a canal in Phoenix found GusGus and took him to a pet store, where an attentive worker reached out to the State Fair.
“They called the fair and sent pictures to our phone,” Searle said. “We said ‘It’s got to be him’ and it was him.”
GusGus was hungry and tired but not injured. Searle believes someone simply dumped him near the canal and that he couldn’t have been out there that long.

GusGus, who has his own Twitter account, has chimed in on what he’s happiest about now that he’s been found. Surprisingly, it’s not the reunion he had with his mother.

He’s young, though. He’ll learn.

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