Behold the Mary Queen of Scots Trailer That Will Birth a Thousand Memes


Queen Elizabeth I’s lack of heirs hung over her reign like a cloud and contributed to her rivalry with her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots, whose son followed her onto the throne. This trailer, on the other hand, will birth a spider-like number of progeny in the form of memes, crawling all over your timeline.

This trailer makes the upcoming Mary Queen of Scots—due out in December—look incredible, like a feature film version of Game of Thrones without all the tedious men and dragons and much, much better-written women. It’s also triple-A grade prime Oscar bait and Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie are going to be gunning for statues as though they were in fact early-modern monarchs trying to gobble up territory. Until then: enjoy the memes!

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