Ben & Jen (Want You to Think They) Are Fine

Amid speculation about their marriage, Mr. Jennifer Lopez took a page from Kylie Jenner's playbook and showed his love via a very visible lockscreen.

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Ben & Jen (Want You to Think They) Are Fine

Divorce rumors were a-swirling for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck last week, reaching a fever pitch not seen for roughly 20 years. Us Weekly reported that Ben had moved out of their Los Angeles home; the couple “started having issues” months ago when the singer began preparing for her less-than-soldout tour. And mere days ago, a source told People that Affleck was missing from Mother’s Day celebrations.

As if on cue, the pair put on quite the show for the paparazzi that included wedding rings, pretty normal-looking smiles, and a lock screen right out of Kylie Jenner‘s playbook. Subtle, guys!

This weekend, the happy (?) couple were photographed leaving an event (one to which they arrived separately, mind you) at the Aero Theatre in Brentwood. While there wasn’t much PDA, both husband and wife were wearing their rings and two toothy grins as they walked to their car.

Then, as if that wasn’t sufficient, Affleck flashed the paparazzi a comically unobstructed view of his phone’s lock screen as they drove away. And can you guess what it was? A photograph of his (supposed) beloved. However, it wasn’t a sweet candid clearly taken in the privacy of their own company, nor did it include him. No; it was a zoomed-in photograph of Lopez in full stage regalia during a performance or photoshoot. Tell me you’re married to a Leo without telling me you’re married to a Leo, am I right?

As they drove away together, Lopez and Affleck dusted off those Gigli acting skills and feigned frustration with the photographers, flashing them a few bemused smiles before ultimately fleeing.

Well, I guess these two are living to fight the rumors for another day! At this point, I’m pulling for them. After all, she spent a lot of time and money on The Greatest Love Story Ever Sold. I mean Never Told!

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