Best Buds Katie Couric & Skrillex Recorded a New Song Together


That there image above is a screenshot of Katie Couric, noted talk show host, and Sonny Moore, noted dance music producer, just cutting a hot new EDM track together in the stu. Chill.

Fans of Moore, a.k.a. Skrillex, know how prolific the dance music god can be, and that he’ll collaborate with anyone who rolls through his apparently very decked-out studio. Recently, for instance, Skrilly and Diplo collaborated with Justin Bieber for the Jack Ü song “Where Are They Now,” a track that’s been crushing the dance charts and the occasion for which Couric finally decided to make a house call.

And because Couric was around, and because she asked Skrillex how the sam hell he made all those squawky noises on just a computer, he asked her to hop on the track, and it’s siiiick.

Of course, that’s not all they did—they also had a sit down chat about his wild popularity, “the Biebs,” being bullied, Scientology (his dad is in it, but he is not), the forthcoming best movie of all time, and the nature of fandom. Also, they appear to be drinking glasses of milk, which is adorable, although Katie should know that milk is very bad for the vocal chords, and next time she’s going to warm up for a hot verse, she should consider tea with lemon.

Beyond this lovely, intimate interview, I am very excited to download the no-doubt forthcoming Skrillex f. Katie Couric banger from Beatport.

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Image via screenshot

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