Biden Campaign Says 'No Thanks' to Louis CK's Donation

Biden Campaign Says 'No Thanks' to Louis CK's Donation

Joe Biden went ahead and refunded a $2,800 campaign donation made to him by Louis CK, apparently in an effort to avoid being associated with someone accused of sexual misconduct by five women.

Federal Election Commission records show that Louis CK, whose real name is Louis Szekely, made the contribution on March 4, right after his string of Super Tuesday wins paved the way for his presumptive nomination.

A representative for Biden told the AP that Szekely’s contribution has been refunded, a fact that will be reflected in May’s report.

It’s not uncommon for presidential campaigns to vet where donations are coming from, and will often return contributions that could potentially pose a problem. The problem with CK, of course, is that in 2017 five of his victims confirmed for the New York Times what had been an open secret in comedy circles for years: That CK had a tendency to masturbate in front of non-consenting female comics.

Still, it’s good to know that someone in the Biden campaign has their head screwed on straight enough to see that taking funds from a guy who admitted to such behavior is a bad idea, particularly in light of the sexual assault accusations Biden himself is facing. Perhaps that person would be interested in running for president instead?

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