Bill Murray Crashes Couple's Engagement Photo Shoot

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Bill Murray — an amicable trickster god who was travels from town to town bringing joy to various mortals and viral content to the Internet — is up to his told tricks. This time, he has crashed a young couple’s engagement shoot.

In Charleston, S.C. (a location Bill Murray is known to haunt), photographer Raheel Gauba was in the midst of documenting a tender engagement when he noticed that his photo subjects were distracted by something behind him.

“I thought who the heck is bothering them,” Gauba told The Post and Courier. “I turn around and it’s Bill Murray with his shirt up, belly out, tapping his belly and trying to make them laugh.” THIS MAN IS GOOD AT WHAT HE DOES.

Gauba asked Murray to join the shot, which he did because duh. He then vanished into the day with a twinkle in his eye, leaving nothing but this casual pic:

Bless you, Bill Murray. [NY Daily News, image via Facebook]

In the aftermath of his new song “Get Her Back,” which is about attempting to win back his estranged wife Paula Patton, animate pile of leather necklaces Robin Thicke is going to name his entire fucking album “Paula.” GIVE IT UP ALREADY, ROBIN. YOU ARE THE WORST. [ONTD]

Disgraced goblin prince Justin Bieber uploaded, and then deleted, an Instagram photo of Selena Gomez cradling his pesky little head. The caption read, “Our love is unconditional.” Whatever, Biebs. [Daily Mail]

  • TLC say that they weren’t talking about Rihanna specifically when they lamented the nudity in the industry and blame the radio edit for igniting the FEUD. [E!]
  • Wow, the 80s must have been a time of universal harmony and joy if Lady Gaga is wearing “the worst parts” of them in this photo. Can’t believe nothing more terrible than a pair of denim shorts occurred in the span of a decade. [E!]
  • J. Lo is maybe dating Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who Dances With the Stars professionally. I guess she has a type? [NY Daily News]
  • Dave Coulier‘s wedding will be a large Full House reunion/barbeque. [HuffPo]
  • Here are some shirtless photos of Ansel Elgort. I’m including this because I saw The Fault in Our Stars last night and it was very humbling to sit in that large dark theater filled with people kind of quietly moaning for two and a half hours. [Cosmo]
  • The National Enquirer says that Jennifer Aniston is upset that Justin Theroux is working out so much because his new “bulging blood vessels” remind him of “skinny [Angelina Jolie] and her jutting veins.” This is like tabloid garbage as performance art. I’m almost impressed? [Gossip Cop]
  • Tobey Maguire is a stingy jerk, says a woman who used to organize illegal poker games for him, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck. Also, her name is Molly Bloom!!! Which is the most interesting part of this lil’ tidbit. [Page Six]
  • Lana del Rey, who thinks feminism is boring, says, “Men are my passion… Many of my songs that seem to have a romantic theme aren’t actually about love, just men in general and the influence they’ve had on me.” Patriarchy: the most trusty muse of all. [ONTD]
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