Billy Ray Cyrus Is Reportedly Achy Breaky-Hearted Over Estrangement From Miley

According to new reports, all of the country music crooner’s efforts to reach out to his estranged, Grammy-winning daughter have been in vain.

Billy Ray Cyrus Is Reportedly Achy Breaky-Hearted Over Estrangement From Miley

Billy Ray Cyrus is no stranger to a comeback. Between his 2006 reemergence thanks to a certain Disney sitcom and a second return to the spotlight in 2018 after “Old Town Road” went viral, the man just knows how to remain in the discourse. Apparently, though, his staying power has run out with at least one family member of late.

This week, a new report revealed that Miley currently wants little to do with her dad. As if we hadn’t already gleaned from her Grammy acceptance speech, Miley and Billy Ray are “on the outs,” sources say. “He’s tried reaching out to Miley many times and congratulated her on her Grammys,” one source claimed, noting that Miley has not responded.

“Miley’s very close with her mom and is standing by her,” an anonymous source told Us Weekly. “The kids have chosen sides, but friends are hoping the rift doesn’t last forever.” Said rift is rumored to have begun back in August 2023, when only half the Cyrus siblings attended the wedding of their mother, Tish, and actor Dominic Purcell. Photos of the nuptials revealed that Noah and Braison Cyrus opted out of participating in the ceremony. Those same siblings were also markedly missing from Miley’s table at the Grammy Awards. 

“It’s no secret neither of them approves of Dominic, and that’s created tension with their mom,” a source told Us Weekly of Noah and Braison’s absence. Noah, the source added, has “always been close with Billy Ray,” which has deepened the divide between the kids. “The family dynamics haven’t been the same since the divorce, and now that Tish and Billy Ray are with other people, there’s even more division among them all.”

Why Miley hasn’t been able to make peace with her dad amidst the fallout from the divorce allegedly comes down to “disrespect.” “Miley hasn’t gotten over the disrespect she feels Billy Ray showed Tish and the family,” a source told the tabloid. Tish, on a recent appearance on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast, also vaguely alluded to enduring “disrespect in every form” during her marriage to Cyrus. 

What’s perhaps more interesting though, is that when Cooper asked Tish about the state of the family, she replied: “I mean the family’s not destroyed, first of all. We’re doing great.”

Well, then! It sounds an awful lot like only one party is achy breaky-hearted over this estrangement. 

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