Boudoir Photographer Says 25 Percent of Her Clientele Are Men


Women have been hogging the sexy photography scene for far too long — it’s time for the men folk to have their day in the naughty négligée sun! It’s called “dudeoir” photography, and the results are pretty much the best.

From Yahoo’s Shine:

Mariah Carle, a former nude model-turned-boudoir photographer (who shoots both individuals and couples) in Oakland, California, started her business five years ago and almost immediately saw an uptick in male customers. “About 25 percent of my clientele are men,” Carle told Yahoo! Shine. “Many men feel good about their bodies and want photos to enjoy when they’re older. Some want to show off their weight loss, and others are looking to spice up their love lives. People think that women are the only ones who want to look and feel sexy. That’s not true.”

Very cool. Dudeoir photography for all — but especially my boyfriend. Get ready, buddy.

[Mariah Carle via Shine]

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