Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin Are Reportedly Dating, Set Up by Anna Wintour

They've apparently been "quietly dating for a few months now." We are truly living in the golden age of odd couples.

Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin Are Reportedly Dating, Set Up by Anna Wintour
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Because we are surely amid the end of times—Earth on fire, aliens out there somewhere, women reduced to incubators—anything can happen, and anything is happening, indeed: Bradley Cooper and former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin are reportedly dating, after being set up by none other than Anna Wintour.

“Multiple sources” have apparently told PageSix that Cooper and Abedin have been “quietly dating for a few months now,” shortly after Cooper recently split from actress Dianna Agron—another relationship I did not know about. Cooper and Abedin even reportedly attended the Met Gala together back in May but walked the red carpet separately.

If, like me, you’re wondering what these two talk about, sources have told PageSix that Cooper and Abedin are more compatible than you might think: “They are perfect for each other. They’re both into power and politics and human affairs.” As for how these crazy kids got hitched: “Anna [Wintour] definitely played matchmaker,” one “well-placed source” told the outlet. “She’s BFFs with Bradley and adores Huma.”

Abedin, you’ll recall, was once married to disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, whose numerous, much-publicized scandals as a child sex offender may have helped contribute to Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election. Abedin and Weiner share one child together and in 2021—four years after they finalized their divorce—she released a memoir, Both/And, detailing her perspective on their turbulent marriage, the 2016 election, and more. While promoting the book, Abedin told The Cut that Wintour had been one of her most supportive friends amid the fallout of Weiner’s scandal, and they frequently went on “movie dates.”

Cooper also shares a child with long-time ex Irina Shayk, who briefly dated Kanye West last year.

I think we’re all a little shocked here—not because either Cooper or Abedin is out of the other’s league. They’re both perfectly hot and roughly the same age, and all that. It’s just hard for me to picture them in a relationship when I can barely picture them in the same room. But, hey, we’re living in the golden age of odd couples: Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader just broke up a few weeks ago, after dating for two years—that was pretty quirky! Then remember in 2018 when Grimes and Elon Musk shocked the nation?? And of course, there’s Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson who, against all the laws of our universe, still seem to be going strong. Cooper and Abedin now join this list of unlikely love stories.

As you take your time to process this news, I leave you with this parting quote—a truly incisive piece of analysis from one of PageSix’s “knowledgeable sources” on the matter: “Bradley is a big step up from Anthony Weiner, to say the very least.” You don’t say!

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