Bradley Cooper Makes Touching a Nose Look Extremely Sensual


I am thankful that A Star Is Born exists. I am grateful for Lady Gaga singing “HAAAA-A-AAA-AAA-AAAAAAA.” I feel blessed by Bradley Cooper’s Chris Stapleton drag. And now, confusingly, I want Bradley Cooper to growl tenderly in my general direction as he sensually touches my nose.

This new clip from the film that will hopefully net Stefani Germanotta an Academy Award highlights the nose as an erogenous zone in a way that I had not anticipated. If you’ve seen a movie in theaters in the past three months, you’ve seen part of this clip (via IndieWire), but I bet you didn’t know that it would get this erotic. I, for one, certainly did not anticipate feeling horny for Bradley Cooper’s vocal fry, but after watching this three to four times in a row and alternating between hysterical laughter and stunned silence, well, here we are.

Critics are already frothing at the mouth about this cinematic achievement. Lady Gaga showed up to the Venice Film Festival on a boat in her best 1950s Italian movie star getup, cradling a rose to her face. My irritation about the former was neatly cancelled by the latter. My body is ready. So is my nose.

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