Bradley Cooper Says Beyoncé Is Not in A Star Is Born (Are You Sad?)


Beyoncé was once rumored to be starring in the remake of A Star Is Born alongside Bradley Cooper, but it turns out, a star isn’t born. Yet.

Page Six reported (incorrectly) via a (wrong) source that the movie’s star/director Cooper was looking to cast Beyoncé in the film, which is being dug up from its 1954 grave (the original starred Judy Garland, and Barbara Streisand was in the 1976 version) and given a modern spin.

“Beyoncé is a go,” the source said. Well, Beyoncé is not a go.

That source was wrong, says E! News, (unless the source was Bradley Cooper stirring up drama for his movie). On the red carpet for the premiere of Joy, Cooper told E! the Beyoncé casting is “just a rumor” and that he hasn’t spoken with her. Let us know if you’re upset about this.

He adds, “But with that said, I would be honored obviously to work with her in any capacity.”

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