Brie Larson Punches More Old Ladies in New Captain Marvel Trailer


A new Captain Marvel trailer dropped during The Big Sport on Monday night, featuring Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers punching shapeshifting skrulls and getting mouthy with Nick Fury, plus the emergence of a secondary storyline in which her hair fights its own battle trying to crawl into her mouth.

It was announced that Brie Larson would play Captain Marvel back in summer 2016, at which time 2019 seemed so far into the future that I wrote, presciently: “The release date isn’t until March 2019, which is just preposterously far from now. By that time, Emperor Trump will have plummeted us into the ocean many times over.” Ha ha, I thought I was joking. Adorable.

The end times are upon us, but at least tickets are on sale now. Unless something changes in the next two months (totally possible), it looks like we’ll get to see Larson crash through the roof of that Blockbuster after all.

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