British Tabloid Editor Hacked Kate Middleton's Phone 155 Times


Kate Middleton really has no privacy, and we’re not talking paparazzi cameras. A former royal editor at the now shuttered News of the World newspaper admitted to hacking the Duchess’ voicemail no less than 155 times. 1.5.5.

Clive Goodman fessed up to listening in on Middleton’s conversations during England’s never-ending phone hacking trial this week. According to the Associated Press, Goodman also snooped around Prince William and Prince Harry’s voicemails about 35 and nine times, respectively. Too bad, I really think that Harry’s would’ve been more fun, but that’s just a guess.

Goodman isn’t new to this phone tapping game, he was jailed back in 2007 for hacking the phones of royal aides with a private investigator named Glenn Mulcaire.

“I have been as open and honest about hacking as I can be, but nobody has asked me any questions about this before,” said Goodman, 56.

Sure, blame Scotland Yard.

Evidence showed that Goodman was third party to Middleton and Prince Williams’ dating days and once she became a “figure of increasing importance around the royal family” in 2005, it was on.

“There were discussions about her and Prince William marrying, moving in, settling down,” he said. “She started to receive semi royal status and things were moving on.”

Oddly enough, Goodman isn’t charged with phone hacking but rather conspiring to pay officials for royal phone directories. Elsewhere, his bosses, like ex-News of the World editors Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, who are also on trial for general poor behavior while at the now-defunct paper have all said they didn’t know about Goodman’s practices. But he’s calling bullshit.

“Glenn Mulcaire was such a valuable resource for the paper I had to tell him (Coulson), so I did,” Goodman said.

News of the World shuttered in 2011 after their rampant phone hacking practices interfered with the kidnapping of a 13-year-old young girl, among other things.

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