Britney Spears Reportedly Called 911 the Night Before Her Conservatorship Hearing

A new feature in The New Yorker details how the singer allegedly reported herself as a victim of conservatorship abuse.

Britney Spears Reportedly Called 911 the Night Before Her Conservatorship Hearing
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In a lengthy reported feature for The New Yorker, journalists Ronan Farrow and Jia Tolentino unearth harrowing new details about Britney Spears already quite harrowing 13-year conservatorship. Among them:

  • Britney called 911 on the eve of her conservatorship hearing in June to report that she’d been the victim of conservatorship abuse
  • Remember that night in 2008 when she was wheeled out of her home on a gurney and involuntarily hospitalized after locking herself in a bathroom with one of her sons? Turns out she was upset and distressed over her custody arrangement with ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and wanted more time with her kids.
  • Her dad, Jamie Spears, allegedly yelled “I am Britney Spears!” while establishing his daughter’s conservatorship, from which he ultimately benefited greatly.
  • Many of the people close to Spears around the time her conservatorship was set up, including a court-appointed monitor and one of the psychiatrists who provided the necessary declaration that she lacked mental fitness, agree that her conservatorship should have ended by now.
  • Jamie was allegedly more concerned about Britney’s weight gain than her mental health through all this.
  • Her dad also fired everyone who’d previously worked for her before the conservatorship was established, effectively isolating her. He also didn’t let her have a phone and would have any phone snuck into her possession confiscated.
  • Industry folks that Britney had often worked with like makeup artist Billy B. noticed how distant and closed-off she’d become by around 2012.
  • Kim Vo, Spears’ former hairstylist, implied that Britney’s conservators got rid of her boyfriends whenever they got “too close.”
  • Britney already talked about this in her June hearing, but the IUD she’s not allowed to take out…just appalling.

Read the full feature here.

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