Bruce Jenner Is Planning a Reality Show, No Kardashians Allowed


Bruce Jenner—the side dude of the Kardashian family—might be getting his own reality show. A show that’s just about him. Why? Because he’s his own man!

The show would presumably feature a newly single Bruce, his ponytail and his sons cavorting about town sans Kris Jenner. TMZ reports:

Sources close to the situation tell us most of the offers involve shooting, ironically, Kardashian-style — following Bruce and his 3 sons while they race cars, travel, and just generally bro out. Think “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” … with a bit more testosterone.

Bro out, Bruce. There’s no official contract, but according to TMZ, “he’d be game for a new opportunity where Kris Jenner is NOT the executive producer, like she is on KUWTK.”

Well, would you watch it? FTR, it’d probably be something like this:

Image via Getty

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