Burn the witch!


Today’s healthy dose of misogyny comes to you courtesy of the NY Post.

Now, we are definitely not fans of marrying people who shoot cops, and then lying about it (if only because the police are the most likely people to find out about that kind of behavior, duh!), but nor are we fans of the kind of ranting women-hating distortions that often pass for truth over at Rupert Murdoch’s laughably ‘fair and balanced’ media outlets. Gather around and warm your hands on the flames of gyno-hate:

“The disgraced Brooklyn cop accused of trying to shield her husband after he allegedly shot an officer whined a ‘sorry’ apology yesterday – but the irate dad of the wounded policeman insisted that his “disgusted” son will never forgive her.
‘I’m very sorry for the injuries to Officer [Andrew] Suarez, and I hope he recovers as he was before,’ whimpered Officer Jacqueline Melendez-Rivera, 37, clutching the hand of her lawyer outside her in-laws’ Park Slope home.
‘I feel horrible,’ the cop later added. ‘A fellow officer – he’s a father, a brother. I feel devastated. I’m very, very sorry. I pray constantly that he recovers.’ The pretty, pregnant cop appeared grim-faced – while dolled up in makeup, a black sweater and form-fitting jeans.”

Hmmm. Make-up and form-fitting jeans. Not just a liar, but a slut into the bargain.

[Rupert Murdoch doesn’t like female people]

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