Bury Me in Hailey Bieber's Virgil Abloh-Designed Off-White Wedding Gown

Bury Me in Hailey Bieber's Virgil Abloh-Designed Off-White Wedding Gown
Screenshot:Hailey Bieber’s Instagram

I allow myself one and only one celebrity wedding to waste time thinking about each year, and with Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s multi-part affair now but a distant memory, it’s all about Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) and Justin Bieber. Prior to tying the knot in South Carolina, the pair terrorized hotel guests, faked a pregnancy, and admitted to the world they sincerely use the pet name “Goo Goo.” None of that could’ve prepared me (or anyone else closely following along with this partnering) for the absolute majesty that is Hailey Bieber’s wedding dress, designed by Virgil Abloh for his Off-White label.


Look at it.


I love that classic mermaid silhouette and the surprisingly long and contemporary veil. “TILL DEATH DO US PART”? Are you joking? That’s both very ominous and goth as heck, and I truly did not believe the Biebers had it in them. It is legitimately cool. Of course, if I were aware that Abloh was designing her gown prior to seeing these images, I would’ve assumed he’d knock it out of the park, but this is next level. I’d like to be buried in one in my size, thanks in advance.

Or, in lieu of turning this into the perfect funeral gown, I’ll gaze upon these sketches. They are a dream.

Maybe marriage is good again?

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