Cat Wrecks Painting 

In Depth

I have a cat. Perhaps you have a cat. Dr. Bendor Grosvenor has a cat, who wrecked a painting he’d spent £5,000 to purchase and more besides restoring. Why do we have cats, again?

The Telegraph spoke to Grosvenor, who has appeared on the BBC series Fake or Fortune tracking down lost masterpieces. He bought his own small treasure, a 17th century portrait by John Michael Wright—in excellent condition, and by one of his favorite artists!—and was cleaning and reframing it. But then, chaos struck in feline form (as it so often does): “And as I stood back to admire my handiwork, up jumped our cat, landing forcefully in the centre of the painting with a crunch. Disaster.”

His cat Padme is “not a fan of John Michael Wright, and regrets nothing.”

Cats: why??

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