Chace Crawford Arrested For Pot Possession; Sheryl Crow Adopts Again

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  • Chace Crawford was arrested this morning for possession of marijuana. Sources say he was in a car outside a Plano, Texas bar when cops found one unlit joint. If convicted he could be sentenced to six months in jail. [TMZ]
  • Congratulations to Sheryl Crow, who has adopted another son! She wrote on her website, “I have some exciting news to share with you guys. Wyatt has a new little brother! … Levi James was born April 30.” [People]
  • Miley Cyrus denied the reports that she and Liam Hemsworth broke up due to her family’s meddling saying, “Just wanna clear up a rumor. Liam and I did not break. EVER! We are so happy and a lot of that has to do with the amazing relationship he has with my family.” [People]
  • Good news on the Britney Spears front. While her conservatorship is still in place legally, sources say her dad has intentionally been pulling back and letting her make more decisions for herself. Also her psychiatrist submitted another evaluation to the court saying that compared to head-shaving Brit, she’s like a different person. [TMZ]
  • The L.A. Dodgers’ lawsuit against Jon Lovitz over his failure to pay $100,000 for season tickets has been resolved, “very quickly, very amicably, and to the satisfaction of both parties.” [AP]
  • Alexis Neiers, who was convicted of burglarizing Orlando Bloom‘s home, will serve only 45 days in jail, though she was sentenced to six months. “Non violent female offenders will only serve 25 percent of their time,” said a police source. “This is because of the overcrowding in the jail and the LA county budget cuts.” [Radar]
  • Cybil Shepherd‘s son Cyrus Shepherd-Oppenheim, who was charged with stealing from other passengers during a flight, has entered into a pretrial program that may let him clear his record if he attends 24 AA meetings. [USA Today]
  • Mechanic James Jimenez was convicted today of stealing Kirsten Dunst‘s purse, Simon Pegg‘s cell phone, and other items from the Spider-Man set in 2007. [AP]
  • A lawyer representing Gary Coleman‘s parents says, “The Colemans don’t want to fight with anyone. They just want to bring their son home.” It’s unclear who has authority over Gary’s body and his estate since he and Shannon Price were secretly divorced. [People]
  • Plans for Gary Coleman‘s funeral have been scrapped because Shannon Price and his parents can’t agree on the arrangements. [Us]
  • It seems Shannon Price has been caught in a lie. She told a 911 operator she couldn’t drive Gary Coleman to the hospital because she has seizures, but after he died she told paparazzi, “[Gary] has done a lot for me … he’s bought me a car.” [TMZ]
  • Katherine Jackson told Alejandra Jackson that she wants her and her four kids, Jaafar, Jermajesty, Donte and Randy, Jr., to move out of the Jackson compound because she’s having a hard time taking care of MJ’s kids. Now Alejandra has hired lawyers to negotiate a “separation package” to make sure her kids have financial support. [TMZ]
  • In the video at the link, Eli Roth talks about the operation he had to remove sea urchin spines from his foot. [TMZ]
  • Tyler Perry says in a letter to fans that he had to cut his vacation short when Mariah Carey pulled out of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. He writes, “It’s five days before she has to go to work; nobody does that. We have a deal… I was told that we got a call, saying that even though our deal was done, she had been advised by her doctor not to do the film… I said, ‘What? You know I want a doctor’s note, don’t you? LOL.” [People]
  • Gabourey Sidibe says she thinks Mariah Carey will be a good mom, and she wasn’t surprised by the pregnancy rumors. “As soon as anyone gets married, everyone’s like, ‘Have babies!'” she said. “I’m like that. As soon as my friends get married, I’m like, ‘When are you having babies? Have babies already!'” [Us]
  • Celine Dion says of her pregnancy, “The first two months I really felt the classical symptoms. The morning sickness, hot flashes, nausea. In a certain way, that reassured me, like a sign that my pregnancy was progressing. Now, everything is falling into place. I have a little belly. I’ve gained [10 lbs.].” [People]
  • LeAnn Rimes says of sleeping with Eddie Cibrian while he was still married, “I did one of the most selfish things that I possibly could do, in hurting someone else. I take responsibility for everything I’ve done. I hate that people got hurt, but I don’t regret the outcome.” [People]
  • Imogen Heap says she’s going to stop touring because, “I need to feed myself and this isn’t going to help me, if I keep touring till the end of the year like I wanted to. I just can’t afford it. I’m going to be broke.” [BBC]
  • Ryan Phillippe is defending the homophobic jokes in MacGruber saying, “There aren’t that many gay jokes. I took my best gay friend with me to the screening and he loved it… The funny thing about MacGruber is that he’s a deplorable human being — he’s sexist, a little homophobic, a bit racist and a bumbling idiot — but somehow, and it’s a testament to how good of an actor Will Forte is, you still like him.” [Us]
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