Charlie Sheen Is Having a 'Dire Financial Crisis,' Has 'Less Than $10 Million to His Name'

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According to a new report in People, Charlie Sheen is now what some of us like to call “rich people broke,” meaning he’s still very rich when compared to 99 percent of the country, but considers himself “broke” because he can no longer live as extravagantly as he did when making $1.8 million an episode for a dumpy television show called Two and a Half Men.

This is all coming up now for the same reason salary issues about men typically make headlines: he’s contesting his child support payments. (Funny how we talk about women’s salaries when they’re getting paid less than men, and men’s salaries when they’re trying to pay less in child support!) Anyway, Sheen recently “filed requests to modify his child support payments to Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller,” (he has two children with each ex-wife) and People has the docs.

In them, Sheen claims “he can’t afford to make his monthly payments because he’s ‘been unable to find steady work, and [has] been blacklisted from many aspects of the entertainment industry.” Writes People:

The actor claims he’s had a “significant reduction” in his earnings, and is in a “dire financial crisis” with less than $10 million to his name. The document also lists several debts Sheen has been unable to pay because of his finances, including both a pool service and a gardening service which are both noted as “past due.”

Here’s a thought:

  • Get a smaller house.
  • Do your own gardening or just do that trendy thing where you don’t have grass and every other plant is indigenous to the area and doesn’t require much water/upkeep.
  • Don’t have a pool if you can’t afford it.

Famous people need to learn how to deal with money issues like everyone else. Get it together!!!


This Is Us is a cult, and Chrissy Metz needs to chill. In an interview with Us Weekly, she told the magazine that she recently watched Mandy Moore’s new-ish fiancé Taylor Goldsmith perform a song at a recent event. Folks, she lost it.

“My best friend and I were sobbing. He wrote a song for her and literally, I’m like, ‘I need to make a T-shirt that says, ‘Love Me Like Taylor Loves Mandy’ because . . . tears. In tears… Their voices together and their love for each other it’s just beyond.”

It is beyond, Chrissy! It is beyond.

[Us Weekly]

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