Chavez Daughters Won't Stop Partying in the Presidential Palace


Well, this is awkward. The adult children of Venezuela’s late President Hugo Chavez refuse to leave the presidential residence, La Casona. In fact, Maria Gabriela, Rosa Virginia and Hugo Jr. are still using the lavish villa as a “social club for friends of the family” nearly one year after their father’s passing. Turn up!

The only problem is there’s another Venezuelan president these days, Nicolas Maduro, and he’s already been in place for about one year — so La Casona is actually his now. The Chavez brood have long overstayed their welcome, writes Vocativ, but they won’t leave. Caterers refuse to work with them because they reportedly don’t pay their bills, neighbors complain about their loud parties and event organizers claim they shake them down for party tickets.

Filled with priceless art and the trappings of the wealthy, La Casona actually never saw a lot of Hugo Chavez; he lived primarily at the Fuerte Tiuna military base. His children, however, were all about the palatial villa.

Much about the mansion, however, remains a mystery. Since 1966, the villa’s inhabitants have handed over a detailed inventory to the new first family. But according to Carmen Sofía Leoni, the daughter of former president, that practice stopped in 1999, when the Chávez family moved in. “No one knows what’s inside the house,” she recently said in an interview, “or what state it is in.”

Maduro has tried to evict the Chavez clan, which includes his own Vice President Jorge Arreaza, who’s married to the eldest Chavez daughter, but failed. So he and his wife are slumming it over at the vice president’s actual villa. It’s a cold world.

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