​China Relaxes One-Child Policy in a Veritable Gift Basket of Reforms


Suddenly hip to human rights, this morning Chinese officials announced a slew of policy reforms. First, the government will be relaxing its one-child policy. While currently a couple would only be eligible to make a second baby if both parents were only children, under new policy only one parent would have to be an only child. Hopefully this will help combat the female feticide rates or at least promote more transparency in birth records.

Also, the government will be abolishing the “re-education through labor” system. The controversial system is largely operated by the police outside the judicial system—detainees range from political dissidents to petty criminals and do not need to undergo a trial to be thrown in the harsh conditions of the facility.

Also in the announcement: less land confiscations by the government and continuing to lessen crimes eligible for the death penalty, although if I condoned capital punishment, I’d consider putting panda-killing back on that list. Just kidding! I would actually send panda killers careening through a hardware/outdoor rec store in a kayak and then bury them with paint cans, a fitting Jumanji-inspired punishment for any poacher.

[CNN, LA Times]

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