Chris Cuomo, Just Like Michael Corleone, Tried to Advise His Brother On How to Get Out of a Mess of His Own Making

Chris Cuomo, Just Like Michael Corleone, Tried to Advise His Brother On How to Get Out of a Mess of His Own Making
Image:Dimitrios Kambouris (Getty Images)

The Cuomo family cannot seem to avoid stepping into its own messes thanks mostly in part to its once-favored son, Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is yet again dragging down the good name of Cuomo. For this latest scandal, however, the governor had some help from his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. According to the Washington Post, the brothers Cuomo joined forces some months ago on a strategy call to help the governor figure out a plan for responding to mounting allegations of sexual harassment.

Had these been familial FaceTime chats on the woes of getting caught, then perhaps this would all be a different story. But these were reportedly full-blown conference calls with both Cuomos and members of the governor’s staff. Chris was performing the role of a consultant moreso than a supportive brother, and consult he did! The Post reports that the younger Cuomo gave his elder brother advice to “take a defiant position and not to resign from the governor’s office.” The term “cancel culture” was also allegedly thrown around.

Famously, throughout the covid-19 pandemic, Andrew was a frequent guest on his brother’s news show, where they laughed and joked about the woes of contracting covid and attempted to give the nation a swig of “it gets better” juice with their brotherly love. However, once the allegations started rolling out, Chris and his bosses at CNN chose to remember they are all journalists and decided not to allow Chris to cover his brother anymore because of the conflict of interest.

But now CNN is once again having to wipe egg off of its face for allowing one of their anchors to continue running a news show while also allegedly playing a secret role in a government scandal. The network issued a statement repeating the party line that Chris would still not cover the news of his brother because of his admitted lack of objectivity and added, “It was inappropriate to engage in conversations that included members of the Governor’s staff, which Chris acknowledges.”

Despite the impropriety, Chris will not be facing any disciplinary actions from his superior and will allegedly not be participating in these kinds of calls going forward. But unless CNN plans to bug all the phones in the Cuomo household, we can probably all place bets on how soon before the next call between the CuoBros ends up in the news. I imagine it might go a little something like this.

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