Chris Martin Is Being Sued For Allegedly Running Over a Photographer With His Jeep

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Did Chris Martin run over a paparazzo with his Jeep earlier this year while his family was in the car? I don’t know, Gawker doesn’t know, Shania Twain thinks no one needs to know, Fiona Apple knows but won’t tell us, and the man who was allegedly struck by Martin claims to know and is suing him because of it.

Reports TMZ:

Richard Terry was perched at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in L.A. back in January when he saw Chris and Gwyneth get into a Jeep. He claims Martin intentionally turned his wheel sharply to the right, causing the Jeep to jump the sidewalk and hit Terry.
Terry says in his lawsuit, Martin has “a significant history of repeated and ongoing violent acts against entertainment news people.”

The fishy thing about this is that the incident was photographed by someone else across the street, suggesting Terry may have baited Martin into striking him. But, even if baited, Chris Martin shouldn’t be consciously coupling his car with another human.


I don’t understand money. I thought the Giudices had none. In fact, I thought they were in so much debt that they couldn’t afford their home anymore! Wikipedia even tells me they owed “$414,000 in restitution” after being convicted of fraud last year! But, because I don’t understand money, I must have been wrong. They must have money after all, because Teresa Giudice got a Lexus as a “Welcome Home From Prison” gift.

Reports Page Six:

The shiny black Lexus SUV, which has a starting price of $50,000, was sitting in the Giudices’ circular driveway in Towaco as Teresa arrived home, and as the Bravo cameras rolled, at the crack of dawn.
The early Christmas present was decked out with a giant red bow.

TMZ, who reports that Bravo did not buy the car for her, is as confused as I am. They presume the couple has “made some rich deals to capitalize on her release from prison.”

[Page Six / TMZ]

This is how it looks when “I’m such a nerd!” is said by someone who’s not such a nerd.


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