Chris Rock’s Brother Says Chris and Will Smith Haven’t Made Up: ‘Waiting’

Tony Rock also said in a Twitter Q&A on Tuesday that Diddy lied that the comedian and the actor are good now.

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Chris Rock’s Brother Says Chris and Will Smith Haven’t Made Up: ‘Waiting’
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One of Chris Rock’s many brothers has entered the chat: Baby bro Tony Rock tweeted up a storm this week to offer fans some perspective on, you guessed it, The Slap.

During a Q&A session on Twitter, Tony responded to an alarming number of Twitters users who were seemingly desperate on his input about where Chris Rock’s head is at in the wake of being slapped by Will Smith. Tony lambasted The Slap as “foul” and offered slightly ominous responses to questions.

“What are u going to do to Will?” someone asked him.

Respond,” he said. Uhhhh okay.

Tony went on to share other insights like how he doesn’t approve of Will’s apology and that Diddy was entirely lying when he said, “That’s over. I can confirm that.” (In fairness, did anyone really believe this to begin with?)

Perhaps his most telling response was to a question that asked about some Rock family history with Will and whether or not the Rocks would be “open” to Will speaking with the family directly. As Will has already issued a public apology for the Slap, it wasn’t clear if he’d talked to Chris privately in the last few days. As per Tony, he and Chris are still “waiting” for that to happen.

Slap aside, our personal favorite question for Tony was the person who asked how Chris was, and he simply said, “Still rich.” Good for him.

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