Christmas Princess Will Birth Christmas Royal Baby on Netflix


Netflix has announced that it will be releasing a third Christmas Prince movie—this one about the royal baby that will be born unto the royal couple. Look, why not ride this Christmas gravy train all the way to the North Pole?

The company announced the news on Twitter; the fact that they are already announcing this project gives us a certain amount of insight into how far in advance the Christmas movie season is planned and what the actual weather will be wherever they are filming.

Will the blogger who became a princess and refused to abandon blogging turn to royal mommy blogging? Will anybody ever make a sequel to the best corny Christmas classic, The Spirit of Christmas, really left a lot of plot threads dangling at the end of its story about a big-city lawyer falling for a Prohibition-era ghost? What the hell does this royal family do the rest of the year? Don’t they save any rituals for the summer months? Unfortunately, these answers can only be revealed when the northern hemisphere hides from the sun and the scene of evergreens (real or manufactured) perfumes the air.

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