Classic Crocs Are Hoping to Make a Classically Ugly Comeback


In the past few years, Crocs have expanded their look, moving past the Mario Batali-approved orange monstrosity that made them famous and into high-end hideousness. But that kind of stuff didn’t seem to work very well, so now they’re dialing the ugly back, returning to their original ugly that made them famous.

Bloomberg reports that Crocs has launched a new campaign—with a hashtag!— called #FindYourFun to up the attention paid to the Croc clog with the holes in them. While they used to try to upset people by arguing (as one of my potential former best friends once did) that their flats were both stylish and comfortable, now they’re just going back to the good stuff, asking Croc fans to share photos of themselves rocking the clogs on social media.

Bloomberg has more on what the future commercials (out in May) will look like, via new CEO Gregg Ribatt:

Ribatt wants to remind people that Crocs was founded on bright colors, whimsy, and comfort: One spot features a clog formed by clouds; another is formed by beach chairs and umbrellas on a tropical shoreline.

Apparently if you go to the Crocs store in Herald Square, you’ll see the original shoe “showcased prominently”:

Past the blazing, neon-green storefront sit display tables covered in classic clogs. On the entryway’s wall, in front of a towering two-story decal of clogs across the color spectrum, a sign reads: “Classics never go out of style.”

Sorry, I know I’m here in New York City and I should be doing my reporting due diligence, but double-checking that intel would require a. going to 34th Street and b. looking at Crocs, and the last time I did either of those things, I screamed.

Image via Crocs

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