Clinique Uses Tavi Gevinson and Hannah Bronfman to 'Engage Millennials' 


Clinique is hoping to transform its significance among the “millennial” set from the crusty old moisturizer your mom let you play with as a kid to products you might actually buy. And who better to convince us to open our sustainably-sourced wallets than Queen Millennial herself, Tavi Gevinson?

According to Fashionista, “Clinique is hoping to encourage a new generation to try the now-iconic three-step cleansing system by engaging with young women via its new campaign, called #FaceForward, with a call out to them to look towards the future.”

In her video, Gevinson, in a buttoned-up collared shirt and a serious expression, discusses how very whatever makeup is to her—I mean, she buys it, but it doesn’t define her—as crudely drawn butterflies and clouds drift cutely around her tiny widdle 19-year-old face.

Millennials are quirky and self-deprecating narcissists with big dreams, a Clinique executive probably mused. They want to feel like they, too, can “create.” Let’s take this prodigy with 100 jobs and a publishing empire and make her hard-won attitude seem cutesy and attainable.

“I’m not a terribly confident person, but I think I’m able to put myself out there because I want to make a thing,” Tavi says nonchalantly.

Hannah Bronfman, celebrity DJ, has a video for the campaign as well. She is wearing the same shirt as Tavi. “Don’t ever feel like you’re not capable,” she says sternly, as musical notes fly around her perfectly made-up head.

Millennials love people with easy jobs, the executive probably thinks. They want to believe that they, too, can be reborn into the right family and spend their time attending parties and emailing 8-song playlists to editors at women’s magazines. “You gotta just stay on your course, and do you,” Bronfman concludes.

The third member of this shiny triumvirate is Margaret Zhang, a 22-year-old Australian fashion blogger. She, too, is wearing the collared shirt. “It’s never too early, or, you know, too late, to start anything,” Zhang posits.

In other words, the future, according to Clinique, will be boring as hell.

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