College Students Peer Pressure Martin O'Malley Into Performing an Extremely Fire Rap 


Martin O’Malley, the pleasantly handsome man you bump into in the granola aisle at the supermarket and then immediately forget forever, was interviewed recently by a pair of college students. The video features the exact amount of special effects one might expect.

Xavier Rotnofsky and Rohit Mandalapu, the two University of Texas students and comedians who ran for student body president and vice-president as a joke and won, interviewed Democratic presidential hopeful O’Malley and made him perform the following rap, which is always a good look:

I’m Martin O’Malley, please vote for me
Not Clinton or Sanders or Huckabee
The NRA hates me ‘cause I don’t like guns
Guns guns guns, I don’t like them guns
But if you look at the polls, you might get the impression
That United States president won’t be my next profession
But just FYI bro, you’re so dang wrong
Soon my polls will be higher than Cheech and Chong


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