Colorado Doesn't Have Statewide Training Standards in Place for the Teachers It Lets Carry Guns 


Post-Parkland, the Nation Rifle Association and other pro-gun groups once again called for arming teachers to prevent future mass school shootings, but a report from the Denver Post illustrates some of the problems with allowing teachers to arm themselves.

Colorado is one of at least nine states that permit teachers and other school staff to carry guns while on campus. As the Post writes, there are also no statewide training standards or uniform use-of-force guidelines for teachers who carry guns, despite the fact that more than two dozen school districts and charter schools in the state have opted to allow their teachers to arm themselves.

In a sign that the debate has truly gone off the rails, Rick Myers, a police enforcement shill, is somehow the sole voice of reason quoted in the article. He explained:

The problems aren’t going to be any different in a police department when you do have a consistent use-of-force policy. How often does a police officer use force up to and including deadly force that some in the community questions the appropriateness of? And that’s after hundreds and hundreds of hours of training.

Let’s review what teachers and other officials with guns in schools have actually done in recent years. In California, there’s the teacher who—appropriately enough, while leading a public safety training for his students—accidentally fired his gun into the ceiling. The elementary school teacher in Utah who somehow fired her gun into a toilet in the faculty bathroom. And let’s not forget the high school teacher in Georgia who locked himself in his classroom and then proceeded to fired his handgun out the window.

It’s almost as if arming teachers with guns is a bad idea, but what do I know.

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