Comedy Bro Bizarrely Bullies One-Armed Lady Comic


Comedian Ari Shaffir went after fellow comedian Damienne Merlina’s physical appearance in a stand up special that aired recently on Comedy Central. Shaffir begins by calling Merlina “so annoying,” and “the worst” then moving on to make nicer, more charming comments about her body like: “She has one arm. I only tell you because if you ever saw her you’d be like is that her or not?” And rounding out the whole confounding bit with: “She had that fat smell.” That was the whole joke. Punch line TK, apparently.

Merlina responded to Shaffir in the above video that’s been making the rounds in the days since, where she explains that the bit’s bizarre cruelty was made even more bizarre by the fact that the two have barely ever interacted.

If the two have never “shared more than two paragraphs of conversation” as Merlina notes, then why Shaffir so damn pissed? Some are taking Comedy Central to task on social media for letting Shaffir’s stand up go to air. We’re mostly puzzled. Y u mad, bro?

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