Company Cancels Plans To Sell Caylee Anthony Doll


Showbiz Promotions announced they will not be producing the “Inspirational Caylee Sunshine Doll”, modeled after murdered toddler Caylee Anthony, due to general public disgust and outrage.

Jacksonville businessman Jaime Salcedo planned to sell a blonde, 18-inch doll that plays the song “You Are My Sunshine” — a song Caylee sings in a home video — when its belly button is pushed. Salcedo said the doll would “honor” and “respect” Caylee’s life by bringing awareness to her case, and was specifically designed not to look like Caylee because it would be too morbid. He said he planned to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity, but he had not picked a specific one and would still make a profit on the doll. It was announced yesterday that the doll would go on sale today for $29.99, but within hours critics attacked Salcedo for trying to profit off Caylee’s murder and he cancelled production of the item. He says of the public, “the way that they look at it is morbid and all negative, ‘Oh, the little girl is killed.’ They don’t look at the thing that Caylee’s in heaven right now and she’s dancing and singing and she’s joyous and in a better place than any of us here.” [News 4 Jax, The Orlando Sentinel via The Consumerist]

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