Corey Gamble Testified That Blac Chyna Beat Rob Kardashian With a Rod, Whipped Him

In the defamation trial between Chyna and the Kardashian-Jenners, Kris Jenner's boyfriend took the stand this week to recount a terrifying fight he witnessed.

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Corey Gamble Testified That Blac Chyna Beat Rob Kardashian With a Rod, Whipped Him
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The Blac Chyna v. Kardashian-Jenner defamation trial is getting wilder by the day. Corey Gamble testified this week that he saw Blac Chyna physically and verbally abuse Rob Kardashian, and he provided some pretty…uh… intense details.

On Tuesday, Gamble—who, in case you’ve forgotten, is the longtime boyfriend to matriarch Kris Jenner—alleged that he arrived to Kylie Jenner’s house, where Rob and Chyna had been staying, back in Dec. 2016 to find Chyna with a two to three-foot rod in her hand. Gamble recalled that Rob looked flushed and that his neck seemed to indicate he’d been hit. Upon Gamble’s entrance into the room, Chyna grabbed an iPhone cord and “started whipping it” at Rob.

“She was hitting Rob, and I got in the middle and got hit too. I had to try to get her attention on me so [Rob] could get his belongings and get out of the house. I could smell the alcohol on her,” said Gamble, adding that the house was a “mess” and that Christmas decorations had been strewn across the floor.

Gamble also alleged that once Rob got his wallet and keys to leave, Chyna picked up a patio chair and threw it at Rob’s car before jumping “on the back of him.”

“[She] punched him on the back of his head,” Gamble testified. “She tried to get the small table to throw it at him but Rob was already in his car.”

Gamble claims he hung around the house a bit longer to make sure Rob was able to leave without Chyna getting in his car and that he asked Chyna “what was going on.”

“She yelled that she hated him … she didn’t like him,” Gamble said. “She said, ‘Why would I like this fat fucker if he wasn’t a part of this family?’” Just, yikes. [Page Six]

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