Could You Draw Mariah Carey From Memory? We Tried, for Some Reason

Could You Draw Mariah Carey From Memory? We Tried, for Some Reason
Image:Image: Getty, Drawing: Lisa Fischer

Everyone knows Mariah Carey. For decades, her face has been plastered all over the world on billboards, album covers, television, and movies. We’ve studied her music videos and red carpet looks time and time again. At Christmastime, her image is perhaps more widely shared than Jesus Christ’s. But could you draw a recognizable portrait of her from memory?

That is exactly what I asked my colleagues here at Jezebel to do because I am bored and love to cause trouble. They were permitted to use any medium they felt best represented Mariah’s essence, as long as they did not look at any photos of her before completing their drawing and sending it to me. I trust that they didn’t.

The results are a truly stunning series of masterworks. Mimi, give us a call if you want to commission another over Zoom. We have time.

Esther Wang, Staff Writer:


Image:Esther Wang

Joan Summers, Staff Writer:

Living for this Mariah Carey x Cathy crossover.

Image:Joan Summers

Clover Hope, Culture Editor:

I’m emotional.

Image:Clover Hope

Ashley Reese, Staff Writer:

How could you not be Obsessed?

Image:Ashley Reese

Olivia Akien, Video Editor:

That’s real blush on those cheeks. No cutting corners when it comes to the Queen.

Image:Olivia Akien

Megan Reynolds, Senior Writer:

Dolphins invented the whistle-tone.

Image:Megan Reynolds

Maria Sherman, Staff Writer:

A note from the artist: “I Don’t Know Her, 2020, mixed media: BIC soft feel ballpoint pen, blue Sharpie highlighter, expired Jeffree Star velor liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Watermelon Soda,’ Milk Makeup lip and cheek mini, Beautique Gift of Beauty Holiday Collection collection gifted to the artist at a Sally Beauty in San Juan, Puerto Rico”

Image:Maria Sherman

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