Couple Gets Wedding Photos in the Style of Hollywood Movie Posters


Some couples want their save-the-dates to be traditional, others go for artsy and others, well, they want to channel Twilight.

Fortunately for David DiCicco and Rachael Batts, a Virginia couple with Hollywood ambitions, they also had one really creative friend. Photographer and designer Andres Martinez took photos of the pair in various poses from films like Casablanca or Mr. and Mrs. Smith and then inserted his friends into their favorite movie posters, with similar lighting and coloring he tells AdFreak. From Bad Boys II, Lord of the Rings and 3:10 to Yuma, no movie promotional poster was safe and the finished products were also used to decorate the couple’s wedding reception.

“It was definitely a labor of love, for sure,” Martinez tells AdFreak. “It was a fun project. There are few people I’d rather do that kind of thing for. … As I’ve been shooting more and more, I find myself going to magazines and posters and just looking at them, trying to reverse engineer what’s going on in the photo.”

Images via AdWeek.

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