Couple's Engagement Shoot Features Crazed Killer Coming for Them


For the couple who wants more gore in their love story! Please file this under “Alright, sure, why not, if you have to have an engagement photo I guess this is better than the two of you standing in a field holding hands?”

Although why does the guy have to be doing the saving? She looks just as tough(-ish) as him. Get out there and fight for your life, lady!! Let me tell you, if I can ever trick anyone into marrying me and that motherfucker came out of the woodwork, I’d be all “HELL NO I FINALLY FOUND LOVE” and then whip a sledgehammer out of my updo and start busting balls.

The photos are from Hungary’s ElevenPhoto, and the whole set is pretty fun. They should have hired a writer to spice up that dialogue, though! Oh well, this peanut gallery will now show up and enjoy the bloody shitstorm of the lovely young couple’s affections.

[Peta Pixel]

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