Crap Email From A Jezebel Chick: "The Place Goes To Shit"


You really have to stop pestering the other editors on their day off. It’s not nice. Why are you so angry? We can all get along swimmingly. Peas and carrots, I tell you. Let’s learn from each other. Or just yell.

Subject: Anna leaves and the place goes to shit
What else can one think while reading AJ Daulerio’s posts on Jezebel today? I hope there’s some explanation forthcoming about why THIS GUY was chosen above all other Gawker Media editors to “guest host” the holiday on Jezebel, because it sure seems like he was chosen to be as offensive and ridiculous as possible.
Thanks for that.

Oh, pshaw. I won’t post any more pictures of sweaty scrotums. Hugs!

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