Crap Proposal from Today Show Gets a Do-Over on Totally Biased


Remember Chirag Shah and Simone Jhingoor? Last month, he proposed to her live on Today, steamrolling over what she thought was her chance to talk about the non-profit where she is employed. Last night, the couple was on Totally Biased with Kamau Bell, where they had a chance to redo the proposal, complete with cardboard cut-out of Al Roker.

This time around, Simone got to say more about her organization, Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation. Chirag got down on one knee (again) and asked, “Can we spend the rest of our lives together… talking about your organization?”

She replied: “Yes. As a fundraising and communications strategist, my work has been centered on supporting the empowerment of women of color through WHEDCo, where, in the South Bronx, we help women to start their own childcare businesses, and through Jahajee Sisters, where we organize Indo-Caribbean women to end gender-based violence.”

Chirag said, “Oh my God I love you. Do you wanna get married?” Simone said yes, there was a big hug, and it was lovely. The end.

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