Crazy Ex Girlfriend Reminds Us That Women (Even the Bitches You Hate) Gotta Stick Together 


Last night on Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Valencia—the romantic rival of the show’s protagonist Rebecca Bunch—got to show off her softer side with the pop-country anthem “Women Gotta Stick Together.” But try as she might, the poor sexy yoga instructor (played by Gabrielle Ruiz) had a hard time putting her girl power message into practice.

“Women got to stick together, all across this land,” she sings after inviting Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) on a beach day with her friends and—most importantly—the object of both Valencia and Rebecca’s affection, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III). Valencia is willing to include women of all kinds (except that bitch Denise Martinez) into her sisterly embrace—even the women she deems as too fat, too short, too slutty, bad dressers, and so on.

In fact, Valencia is so committed to females supporting females that she’ll even use her arsenal of mean girl manipulation tricks to push Rebecca into revealing her most horrible secrets in public—but not until after Rebecca tries to outshine her with a routine that she learned in her “feminist” pole dancing class. Sisters! Doing it for themselves!

Last night’s episode is the first one back following a winter hiatus during which Bloom (also the show’s co-creator) won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series. While the series has always successfully walked the very fine line between cringe-worthy and heartwarming, this most recent installment—“I’m Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends”— pushed those conflicting feelings to new and extreme levels. While audiences are inclined to feel for Rebecca, it’s hard not to feel for Valencia, too. Another girl is making a blatant play for her boyfriend and no one—least of all Josh—really seems to mind.

It was a great woman once sang, “Let’s all spread this message like Caitlin spreads disease. ‘Cause a change is coming faster than Ashley drops to her knees! Together we can clear these hurdles, except Marissa ‘cause she’s 4’8″. We can climb ever mountain if the rope can support Hailey’s weight! Women gotta stick together!”

And let’s not forget that.

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