Crystal Harris Pretends To Cry While Explaining Hef Breakup


Crystal Harris continued her Runaway Bride press tour last night on Entertainment Tonight; it was her first television interview since announcing earlier this week that she would not marry Hugh Hefner as planned on Saturday. While she did try to cry during her interview, Crystal was mostly all smiles as she explained her reasons for calling off the wedding, one of them being the 60-year age difference — you know, that same 60-year age difference that everyone from awards show hosts to blogs to pundits mocked since the couple’s December engagement (Crystal pretended to be offended by that mockery during her last interview with Entertainment Tonight). She says that her rumored affair with Dr. Phil’s son Jordan McGraw had nothing to do with the breakup and that the two are just friends who have been working on her music career.

And in case you were wondering, Jordan had nothing to do with the dance single Crystal released earlier this week.

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