Cuomo Accuser Lindsey Boylan Calls for the Governor's 'Abuse of Power' to Come to an End

Cuomo Accuser Lindsey Boylan Calls for the Governor's 'Abuse of Power' to Come to an End
Photo:David Dee Delgado (Getty Images)

Lindsey Boylan, a former aide to Andrew Cuomo and the first woman to accuse the New York governor of sexual harassment in recent months, spoke at a rally in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park on Saturday, New York PIX11 reports.

Amidst calls for Cuomo to resign, something he has repeatedly said he will not do, Boylan affirmed her claims and those of the women who’ve followed her and demanded an end to what she termed the governor’s statewide “abuse of power.” Her words, per the Associated Press:

In December, I spoke truth to power on the harassment and bullying I faced working for Gov. Cuomo. And when the governor should’ve been focused on leading us out of the pandemic, he was instead focused on covering up the deaths of 15,000 New Yorkers and smearing me and my reputation. Since sharing my story, six more women have come forward with their experience of being bullied, harassed, and assault by the governor of New York…
When the governor lies about his abuse of power, as he’s doing right now and daily, it’s a betrayal of the public’s trust. Abuse does not confine itself to one person or one area. Someone who abuses their power doesn’t just do it to one woman or one community. They do it, on some level, to every person and every community.

An eighth woman, a current employee of the governor, came forward on Friday to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment. Speaking to The New York Times, his lawyer, Rita Glavin, defended his alleged harassment as “old-fashioned” signs of affection.

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