Cutest Baby Ever Couldn't Be More Confused By the Concept of Twins


This Baby’s thought process: What is even happening? Why are there two of them? Why do they look alike? I need an adult! I NEED AN ADULT!

Everything’s going to be okay, adorable baby with adorable giant head! They’re just twins — two babies that are identical. It’s kind of like when your parents make photocopies, except these are much more expensive and make a great deal more noise. And really, is the baby confused by the fact that they’re twins or the fact that they’re dressed identically? Are these the hard-hitting questions we should really be asking babies? Should we not, instead, be focusing on the real issue of the day? Namely the fact that some adults demand to be carried like babies?

Listen, just watch this video. It’s reeeeeeeaaaaaaaal cute. (But turn down the sound.)

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