CVS Receipt Halloween Costume Just Might Be the Best Idea Ever


Yes, I know Halloween was Friday, but this picture is worth one extra Halloween post.

Redditor Lord_Nugget is somewhat of a Halloween demigod. After getting a particularly ridiculous receipt from CVS for a pack of TicTacs, he thought he would put it to good use:

Dear CVS, thank you for giving me a 3 foot long receipt when I bought some TicTacs. It was the inspiration for my Halloween costume.

How do people think of ideas like this? Last week I went back and forth between two Spirit Halloween stores and a Michael’s and still walked away without any clue as to what I should dress up as.

Since a lot of people are referencing the late, great Mitch Hedberg’s bit on the stupidity of pointless receipts in the comments to Lord_Nugget’s post, I thought I’d share it with you here. OK, Halloween is officially over. Go eat the last of those licorice rods you’ve been avoiding and start thinking of costume ideas for next year.

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