Deciem's Heart Will Go On, But Without Ousted Founder Brandon Truaxe


As the poet Robert Frost once said, nothing gold can stay. As beauty company Deciem has found out, the same is true for its troubled boss, Brandon Truaxe.

Truaxe is the founder of Deciem, parent company to The Ordinary, a dirt-cheap and beloved skincare line among the serum-obsessed, as well as other brands like NOID. In June of last year, Estée Lauder purchased a majority stake in Deciem, and now owns 28 percent of the company. But Estée Lauder recently decided that Truaxe, who not infrequently used The Ordinary’s Instagram to fire employees, start beef with rival skincare companies, and be racist, had to go. On Friday, a judge granted Estée Lauder’s injunction to remove him as CEO, leaving fans wondering what’s next for the brand and what, if anything, will happen to its ridiculously low prices. Several stores also closed last week.

Only time will tell if consumers will have to cough up more for their niacinamide and vitamin C serum—but the good news is that Deciem appears to be doing pretty well! On Monday, the company shared a cute illustration and long caption on Instagram declaring all their stores are back open and they are going to be a-OK.

“Following the court ruling on Friday we have now reopened all stores, offices, factories and warehouses,” it reads. It goes on: “Brandon will always be the founder of DECIEM. We will take the passion and values he has instilled within us as we continue to grow the brands we have created with transparency, integrity, authenticity, function and design.”

Among the things Deciem is not taking: Truaxe’s penchant for drama and showing his whole ass on social media. Fall is a time of change and new beginnings, and good for Deciem for getting theirs. Onwards.

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