Demi Lovato Has New Pronouns and a New Podcast

Demi Lovato Has New Pronouns and a New Podcast
Image:Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Demi Lovato has finally stopped beefing with yogurt shops and is redirecting their energy to their personal and professional life. On the debut day of their new podcast, “4D with Demi Lovato,” the singer announced that they are non-binary in an Instagram post and as such would be changing their pronouns to they/them. Lovato, who has been allowing the public to see their journey with substance misuse and mental health nearly uncensored, told their audience that this “revelation” came as a result of “healing and self-reflecting work.” This announcement also included information about their new podcast, the first episode of which is dedicated to talking out this life update and exploring their feelings on the matter.

Lovato, who released Dancing with the Devil this year, a documentary that chronicled her substance use disorder and rehabilitation, wrote in the caption of her post that this podcast, specifically the first episode, was “another level of vulnerability.” It’s hard to fathom just how much more vulnerable Lovato can be considering they’ve been in the public eye for almost their entire life and have been subjected to the unwieldy scrutiny that comes with it. At this point in their life and career, Lovato certainly doesn’t owe anyone more than they’ve given and yet, they continue to offer up every facet of their life for fans and critics alike.

But what’s left for Demi Lovato the person if Demi Lovato the celebrity keeps leaving the barn door open? Perhaps this will end up as a topic on their podcast or perhaps reality will hurtle toward them faster than an alien spaceship. Either way, Lovato’s private self and public persona are now one and the same. Hopefully, this next level of vulnerability is merely the fruit of Lovato’s labor in safeguarding their mental health and developing the thick skin required to bear it all for the public and not the start of another downward spiral. But for the moment, they seem to have found a bright spot of joy in living out their truth as a non-binary person and one really can’t ask for much more than that.

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